Beneath His Wings Foundation (BHWF) is a non profit 501(C)(3) organization providing support and entertainment to our military veterans and musical education to children in our communities.















BHWF "Soldiers of Courage" program uses Comedy and Musical Tours to raise the morale of active and former military men and women of all branches of the United States armed forces. "Soldiers of Courage" (SOC) Tours are presented on military bases across the United States, for those servicemen and women before and after military deployments at Rehabilitation facilities, Hospitals, and VA living communities. "SOC" tours are free of charge and deemed appropriately named for its representation of those men and women who bravely served and sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. 


BHWF Music Program Beneath His Wings Foundation is a non-profit organization, dedicated in providing an opportunity for disadvantage children in our communities to explore and learn music free of charge.  Beneath His Wings Foundation Music Program, focuses on comprehensive music awareness to inspire and nurture our youth's natural talent and love of music, to foster skills in independence and self-esteem, which contributes to the overall growth and development for the children who are our future.


BHWF Centre of the Arts (Coming soon)

Beneath His Wings Foundation-Academy of Arts Centre is a Music, Arts and Cultural Program providing free music and visual arts instruction, free music instruments and instruction, and exposure to studio recording for children in our communities. 

In most schools today, music programs suffer from budget cuts that have limited or crippled the public schools ability to offer the benefits a music education can provide.   

“The Academy of Arts Centre” is a place where children ages 7-18 can enjoy making and learning music in a positive, fun, and friendly environment, where the academy inspires and encourages children to learn.

Children at the Academy enjoy lessons which enrich their abilities to appreciate and play music. Students will not only learn how to play instruments, they will also learn music theory.

Our curriculum offers a comprehensive learning experience geared towards developing the student’s talent and abilities. 

Students will participate in recitals and local concerts which will help their self-confidence.

Students will experience group lessons where they will focus on performance, harmony, teamwork, and technique.




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