Beneath His Wings Foundation is a non-profit organization recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, and Registered with the California Registrar of Charitable Trusts.


 Beneath His Wings Foundation's purpose is to bridge the gap between children who have the desire to explore music and music education in the community. Due to budget cuts in schools and financial hardships that many people suffer today, it has become more and more difficult for children to learn music, express themselves artistically and experience the discipline and creativity music education provides.


Beneath His Wings Foundation is dedicated to offering a safe, fun, and caring environment to children including the children of military families. It is our goal to inspire, encourage, and empower the youth in our communities who represent our nation's future.


Beneath His Wings Foundation uses the Power of Music and Laughter to uplift the morale of our Veterans including active duty servicemen in pre and post deployment status.


We travel across the country to encourage, uplift, and show appreciation of our Heroes in Rehabilitation Facilities, Hospitals, and VA  Living Community Centers by presenting a platform of entertainment so proudly deemed "Soldiers’ of Courage" Comedy and Music Tours.


We seek to touch one's heart by spreading positivity and love not only for our children, but for military veterans and their families who have made sacrifices which makes it possible to enjoy the freedoms of today.


Beneath His Wings Foundation greatly appreciates your time to view our purpose. Make Your Light Shine Brighter today by supporting us in brightening the Light that shines in the Hearts of our Children and American Hero's.

To brighten the light that shines within the hearts of our children, and military service men and women, using the healing power of music and laughter.


Cynthia Evans

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